Brighton Textile Students

Textiles at Brighton University

Over the last few months I have been working on garments for a few students in the Brighton University Textile department. They are all in their final year and have outsourced the construction of their final pieces to myself.

One of these was Print designer Katey Smith who wanted to develop her fabric samples into garments that show how her prints can be used in the Industry. I worked from Katey’s ideas and some images she had collected to create the patterns and sample toiles, once fittings had been completed I started on the final pieces.

Her two prints are very different to each other, however work perfectly when teamed up in an outfit. One is a delicate floral outline on silk while the other is a wash of pastel colours on jersey, accentuated by bright horizontal dots. Both very on trend this season and I could see them doing well commercially.


Designs and textiles by Katey Smith, Photography by Luke AR Hamblin. Garments made by Danielle Collier


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