Vintage Inspired & Re-worked

I have recently started working as a freelance Seamstress and Pattern Cutter for Brighton Vintage shop ‘Dirty Harry’ on Sydney Street. The owner Steve is looking to expand the business as Vintage and reworked Fashion is doing well at the moment. A second shop across the road from the first has opened and I have been given a studio to work in underneath.


For the first few weeks I will work on the reworked vintage clothing and make any alterations or repairs that are necessary, but the plan is for me to create and develop patterns for a collection of Mod inspired clothing for Women to accompany their already well selling Men’s range. The Menswear collection consists of Mod shirts, suits and jumpers and cater up to large sizes. These are for sale now in the original shop in Brighton and the website will be launched shortly.

I spent last week reworking Men’s Vintage Levi jeans. I have cut them all and made them into turn up shorts, all to a uniformed length of 8 inches down the inside leg.




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