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Beauty Essential: Sally Hansen ‘Insta Dri’ Top Coat

This is my first beauty post on the blog as I just had to share this product with you all.

If, like me you love painted nails but just don’t have the time, then you need to buy this! In the past I have spent so much money on products that say they dry quickly, don’t chip or last longer than normal and up until now I have been disappointed. This top coat from Sally Hansen was recommended to me by a friend who I don’t think I have ever seen without colourful nails. At only £5.99 I thought I would be silly not to try it and it really does work, my nails dried in under a minute where normally after several minutes the varnish is still tacky. It didn’t quite last 10 days without chipping, more like 5, but I do use my hands for work so this may be why. The top coat also smooths over the varnish to remove any brush marks etc and gives your nails a gel like finish.

I recommend this to you all and think you should invest if you want hassle free, pretty nails!






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