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Life is too short for boring hair: Ombre

I know I am a bit late with this trend but previously I have been really boring with my hair colour, brunette or red have pretty much been my staple tones. However lately I have been in the mindset that life is too short for boring hair and I have spent almost two months now trawling through Google and Pinterest in order to find something I like and can do easily myself. I did want a pastel purple colour in the ends and I think I still will at some point but I settled on Ombre.

First I needed a base colour as I had major roots plus red in there from previous dyeing so I used Garnier Olia which is a favourite brand of mine as it is so easy to use and conditions my hair like crazy!


Once I had used this I chose to wait two weeks to give my hair a break from chemicals before the bleach. I had been given advice on bleach and the mixture required by a family friend who has been my hairdresser since I was really little. I trust her hugely but unfortunately for me she moved away. But as I am a bit oblivious (and petrified of my hair falling out) I chose to use a kit first of all to test out the hair style as I thought a pre-measured mixture might be a tad safer to start with.


This kit by Loreal Feria is called Extreme Blonde and is mainly for dark hair and can be used on previously coloured hair which the Wild Ombre kits that have been available for a while advised against.

It couldn’t be easier to use, the lightening creme and powder both mix into the developer cream and once shaken vigorously it is ready to apply like any other box dye. I then squeezed the mixture onto the brush provided evenly and started working the cream into my hair. I personally started at the back with the underneath strands as I thought they would be harder to get to once the front had been done as my hair is shorter at the back. However since washing and drying my hair this may have been a mistake as the underneath is much much blonder than the front top layers. I guess as it had more time to develop!





It is definitely not as blonde as I would have liked or expected from the front of the box but as I said the underneath layers are much lighter and I think I will just give the top layers another dose of bleach once I have had time to condition and prepare the hair again just to lift the remaining red tones. Saying this I actually quite like the colour at the moment!

For ease of use I would recommend this kit but would advise not to expect your hair colour to lighten as much as the pack suggests but my hair still feels incredibly healthy which I didn’t expect (I was actually dreading straw).


Please let me know if anyone has used this kit as well and your thoughts are welcomed X


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