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Autumn Make up Trends

We saw many new make-up trends emerge on the Catwalk for this autumn/winter season. Here are a few of my favourites.

Dark Lips


Deep red and brown lips proved popular with designers on the catwalk, whether your hair is blonde or brunette this trend can work for you, you just need to find the right shade and to have no fear. I am a lover of the red lip but may step out of my comfort zone and try a darker shade.

Blue Eyes


This trend is usually reserved for the summer months. However this A/W the 90’s fave makes a big comeback, whether it is big and bold across the lids or just a slick line. I very rarely wear eyeshadow and if I do it is always a neutral colour as to not clash with my lipstick, however this Autumn a may add a splash of colour using a blue and keep my lips nude.

Big Brows


This trend has been ongoing for a few seasons but it seems it is here to stay a little longer. I love this look, I feel slightly thicker brows shape the face and are a good base for the rest of your make up. I have recently tried and tested a few eyebrow products which I will review in the next few days and I have a firm favourite that should be every girls make-up bag staple.


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