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Autumn Hair Trends

Over the last year I have grown my hair from a pixie cut to shoulder length and since I am so out of touch with longer hair I feel I need to experiment and practice with styles to find one that works for me (apart from just poker straight). Whilst looking for inspiration I found my favourite 3 trends for this AW14.



Plaits and braids are so popular right now and I think its because they are so versatile and so easy to experiment with. My hair is still all types of lengths so it may be fairly hard to get a neat plait but I an going to have a play around nonetheless.

Mermaid Waves


The mermaid waves are perfect for a a quick styling fix. They can be achieved so many ways, by scrunching hair, plaiting it or even by rolling hair around your finger and pinning to your head for a neat pin curl and then tousled for a beachy look.

Poker Straight Pony


Again this style is so perfectly simple but looks really elegant and on trend for this season. The parting is neat and slicked back into a low and casual ponytail. Suitable for work and perfect for seasonal parties.


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