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Dip Dye With BLEACH London

I have been wanting to dip dye my hair with colour for over a year now and have been putting together blogs and moodboards with several styles, colours of pastel and brightly coloured hair. But I am just too chicken to commit to a colour until I discovered the new Bleach London products available in Boots. The London Salon have recently launched a small collection of Bleach, Toner, Dyes and Hair Care products for DIY home dyeing. They are all reasonably priced with Bleach at £7.00, ‘Super Cool Colour’ Dyes at £5.00 each and even mini gift sets of three colours at a fab £7.00 (perfect for xmas gifts for friends).

I bleached the ends of my hair in May when it was much shorter using a L’Oreal Feria dip dye kit which I reviewed at the time and have let it grow out with my hair. I had gone over the bleach a couple of times to brighten it up as it grew and when I saw the BLEACH London products I got really excited. They are semi-permanent dyes that wash out in 2-10 washes meaning if you don’t like the colour it doesn’t matter as it won’t stick around too long.

As it was 3 for 2 mix and match on products at Boots I thought I should lighten my hair further before using the pastel dye to get the best result, so I brought another L’Oreal lightening kit along with the BLEACH London Re-incarnation hair mask and ‘Violet Skies’ Dye.

image3 (2)

The kit came with the lightening products a shine shot and purple conditioner to keep the hair bright after bleaching. I really love the L’Oreal Feria products as they honestly do what they say on the box without damaging and wrecking the hair. It was easy to use and as I was just dying the ends I simply smothered the hair with the product ensuring I only covered the previously dyed hair and left for the full 45 minutes. Washed out and then covered my hair with a huge amount of the conditioner which also had to be left on for around 2 minutes.

Although my hair didn’t turn out platinum blonde, I hadn’t expected it to be as my hair was a dark blonde to begin with and it had previously had a red tone in it which is the hardest to get out of hair, however I was super happy with the outcome as it was very light and perfect for the pastel dye with already a slight lilac tint from the purple conditioner.


image7 (1)


image4 (2)

The BLEACH London dye was again so easy to apply, using gloves I squeezed clumps of the product onto my hands and just covered the bleached hair in dye and left for 15 mins and washed off. BUT sadly the dye had hardly taken which was a little disappointing, however determined at this point to have lilac hair I repeated the process but left the dye on for 45 minutes and washed off. This was a good move as the dye took brilliantly and I later read a few other reviews on the product by other bloggers who also said they had to leave it on for longer. So that would be my advice if using these dyes as you get a much better colour and it isn’t damaging to leave it on for a little longer anyway.

image1 (3)

I love the colour it has turned out, it is a silvery lilac colour which is exactly what I wanted and I am super happy and now kinda wished I had gone for a more permanent dye.

image5 (1)

After washing my hair once the lilac didn’t really wash out hugely but I thought I would touch up the colour by applying again and got a much more distinctive colour.

image6 (1)

This tops it for me it is the perfect colour I wanted. These 3 applications did use 2 thirds of the bottle for just my ends so I would say that if you were covering your entire head you would need most of the bottle and to maintain the colour BLEACH London recommend mixing the dye with your own conditioner and using every time you wash your hair. So ultimately you would need more. With this thought in mind I fully took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer at boots and brought three more. Two ‘Violet Skies’ and one ‘Washed Out Mermaid’ in case I felt like a change to a pastel green colour.

image1 (2)

And that’s the great thing about these dyes, for the indecisive like me, you are not committed to one colour and can chop and change among their collection of 11 colours as you wish.


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