Fashion Week

Fendi: Pre Fall 2015

Pre Fall collections have started to be shown this past week and one that has stood out for me so far is Fendi. I cannot get enough of Fendi at the moment. Karl Lagerfeld and Sylvie Venturini Fendi have used the designs and clever choice of material to evoke thoughts of Constructivism in the modern day. The classicly cut coats are completely re-invented using print and fur placement to create both elegant but fun pieces that will appeal to all ages and all type of woman.

I am particularly in love with the two coats adorned with strips of differently coloured fur in really beautiful patterns along with the fluffy purple long fur jacket and whispy eye jumpers keeping in theme with the current Fendi monsters.

Fendi 1 Fendi 2 Fendi 3 Fendi 4 Fendi 5 Fendi 6 Fendi 7 Fendi 8 Fendi 9 Fendi 10 Fendi 11 Fendi 12 Fendi 13 Fendi 14 Fendi 15 Fendi 16 Fendi 17 Fendi 18 Fendi 19 Fendi 20 Fendi 21 Fendi 22 Fendi 23 Fendi 24


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