Fashion Week

Celia Birtwell and Valentino Collaboration

This Pre Fall Celia Birtwell along with Giosetta Fioroni were signed up to collaborate with Valentino. Birtwell contributed floral prints and embroideries inspired by Sandro Botticelli’s La Primavera, and Fioroni designed a heart motif stitched with the phrase “Your eyes are the eyes of a woman in love.”

The collection was extensive and begins with a gorgeous floral print and ornate floral embroidery adorning cute skater style and midi dresses perfectly fitted and flattering and moves on to some inspired Jacquard and a stunning full length white Organza embroidered dress.

valentino 1

valentino 2

valentino 3

valentino 4

valentino 5

valentino 6

valentino 7

valentino 9

valentino 10

valentino 12

valentino 13

Then comes the perfect valentines dresses in an abstract heart print and the motif designed by Fioroni. The mix of prints and lace that runs throughout the changing collection brings a retro style into the modern day.

valentino 14 valentino 15 valentino 16

The designers then mixed a very masculine camouflage print in oversized boyfriend styles with butterfly motifs and garden scene chunky knits to bring fun details to classic shapes and silhouettes used often in their collections.

valentino 17 valentino 18 valentino 20 valentino 19 valentino 21 valentino 22 valentino 23 valentino 24 valentino 25 valentino 26 valentino 27 valentino 28 valentino 29

The story was perfectly rounded off with a starry night sky and orbiting planets on a range of textures using several mediums from print to beading and embroidery. The styles stick to three distinct lengths which help to marry the different imagery and textures used in a way which ties everything up in a well told narrative.

valentino 30 valentino 31 valentino 32 valentino 33 valentino 34

I for one am extremely excited to see what else the new Valentino collaborations bring considering this pre collection has been so successful.

Please let me know your thoughts



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