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Recently my friend and I discovered the brand Mormo. I have a little obsession with monster type bags like Fendi’s Monster rucksacks and the Joanna Pybus fluffy monsters so this naturally apealed to me and I think I let out a tiny squeak of excitement as I was flicking through their website. Unfortunately I am unsure on the price point as they are yet to be released officially but you can sign up to the earlybird list to be first in the know.

Currently there are 3 styles of monster each with their own name and back story. There is Snotty, Drooly and Spike in a few different colour ways. Their design compliments the name cleverly such as drawstring as snot and droopy faces and spiky belts. I really want to get my hands on Drooly which is a super cute rucksack with the strap as his arms. Its just soo cute!

mormo 1 mormo 2 mormo 3 mormo 4 mormo 5 mormo 6 mormo 7

Let me know if you love these as much as I do?

Danni X


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