Tallulah’s Threads: High Summer 2015

Once again I find myself apologising for total lack of blog posts lately! I have had a huge life change over the last few months as I left my job to work full time on Tallulah’s Threads. So I now have a lot more time in the evenings to get back to doing what I love and bugging you all with posts.

Last week we did a photo shoot for the latest Lookbook Campaign for the brand with the new collection as the feature. It was a secret garden theme with the clothing being very summery with a lot of florals and cute retro prints. I had so much fun with the two models, Becky & Mallory, and photographer Mike, who are all great friends of mine. What a great way to spend a sunny Saturday am I right?

All clothing is lovingly hand made to order in our studio in Brighton UK. A few of the prints are pretty rare as we only have a small amount of the fabric meaning you will definitely not bump into any one else wearing the same outfit, which is perfect in my mind! Who wants to look the same as everyone else anyway 🙂

View the full High Summer 2015 Collection here

C-Tallulah-201615-0600 C-Tallulah-201615-0630 C-Tallulah-201615-0677 C-Tallulah-201615-0686 C-Tallulah-201615-0705 C-Tallulah-201615-0740 C-Tallulah-201615-0752  C-Tallulah-201615-0822 C-Tallulah-201615-0870

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