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Reworked Vintage

I couldn’t resist going to a kilo sale last Monday as I love a good rummage! Vintage kilo sale shopping is the best retail therapy as long as you have a bit of imagination as a lot of the pieces can scare away even a hardened Vintage lover by looking frumpy or having an old and sometimes unflattering cut. That’s where I let my creativity come in. I first scan the rails for a print that catches my eye and then take it off the rail and decide whether I can alter it to become a perfect little dress, playsuit etc. If I can I throw it over my arm, if not I put it back and move on swiftly. I love doing this! As lame as it sounds it brings a lot of joy and I get really eager just to get home and start cutting away at the material.







Reworked Dress £30.00







Reworked Vintage Dress £30.00

Excuse some of the dodgy photos my iphone 5c is not the greatest!

To see all the Vintage pieces I reworked visit my shop here

One thought on “Reworked Vintage

  1. WOW!!! This is amazing! I went to some create your own frock classes last year and it’s bad to say I have a dress & skirt both unfinished. I am planning on finishing them with the help of s college lecturer in the coming weeks.

    This gives her great inspiration to do the sale, first I need a sewing machine & a bit of practice on altering but also where is this place? I need to visit 😊😊😊

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