Hello, my name is Danni, I am a Freelance Fashion Designer, Stylist and Pattern cutter. I am based in Brighton UK on the south coast and graduated from a Ba(hons) in Fashion Design in 2011.

This blog is my personal diary of what I get up to each week, the projects I am working on, my personal inspiration and the people I meet.

I founded the Fashion brand Tallulahs Threads at the end of 2012, initially as a Vintage Boutique alongside my job as a Pattern Cutter for the Designer Ong-oaj Pairam, however during the Summer of 2014 I started my own capsule collection of Vintage inspired clothing using small runs of Fabric with the idea of exclusivity. Since then the brand has grown extremely fast and I now find myself working full time, running the brand, designing and managing the production of the clothing which is made to order in our small UK studio.

I also take on new freelance work each month, working with some very promising talents. I love the unpredictability day to day and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Tallulah’s Threads.



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